God sees me!

I am still in shock and processing what just happened.  Two women just walked into my office and delivered a beautiful pink hydrangea (I think that is what it is) plant and a gift bag.  When I asked what it was for, they said that they just wanted me to know that God sees me and I'm not alone.  They also said that there was a card that would explain more.  After they left, I opened the card to see $20's spill from it saying that it was from "12 ordinary women."  I keep getting chills (and am trying not to cry here at work) from knowing that I was just "kissed from God" through the kindness of these women.  I can't wait to go home and tell my four boys about this.  We have been through quite a lot... especially recently with the flood and having to move from our home (mostly from 'x' issues), but the boys and I have been faithfully doing devotions together each night and reminding one another that GOD ALWAYS PROVIDES!  I can't wait for the day that my boys and I get to bless others (financially) the way these women have blessed us!  Thank you, thank you... 12 times we thank you!