God cares even about the groceries!


One of you came by my house last week.  What a blessing.  My husband and I were entering on the toughest month we have had this year.  My husband lost his job several years ago, which has proved to be a blessing.  He now has a job he loves, but we were starting over.  He has worked three jobs for over three years.  We are gradually cutting his hours.  We have been getting finances in order for a couple of years, paying off student loans that have been around a while.  We are so blessed to be able to care for our four children in times like these.  We knew that this month was going to be tough.  Thanks to you, we are going to get by with breathing room.  What a wonderful group you must be.  You have made this family very happy knowing that people care and most of all that God cares-even about groceries....