It's about giving Hope!

Sometimes I wonder if 12 Ordinary Women is making a difference...then the emails come in. They seem to come in bunches and the wash over my heart like a gentle wave. I read each one and cry, grateful that in small ways lives are being touched by the gifts that come from the hearts of women all over this country. They reassure me that in small, quiet ways peoples lives are being changed and they are given just a small dose of Hope, something to cling to in such difficult times for so many.

I recall the words of one of our charter members after her first delivery of a gift. She said,” I finally get it. It’s not about the money or the’s about giving Hope.”

Hope is a precious commodity in these seemingly hopeless times. I had the privilege this Sunday of meeting with newly formed group of 12 Ordinary Women. These women were exceptional in so many ways, they are young, fresh out of college, just starting their journeys and so genuinely committed to helping others. They know that each gift they give is about Hope and helping their recipient to know they are extravagantly loved by God and by 12 beautiful young women.

So I are you giving someone hope?