"you do not have to know a person to make a difference."


Dearly 12 Ordinary Women,

It has been less than an hour and I am still in shock. This is simply amazing. The act of kindness by this group shows how mighty God truly is.

A few months ago, my newborn was diagnosed Cystic Fibrosis. This has been a challenge, especially since it took 8 months to finally figure out. We have had our ups and downs and today was defiantly an “up”!

As medications and monthly visits add up, we were struggling. Then, out of no where, I received a call and a lady from 12 Ordinary Women showed up and handed me a card. What was inside was the sweetest letter and a gift. This paid for a month supplies of medications she has to have. Words cannot describe the over-whelming joy and encouragement this gift brings.

Any cards and notes we recieve, my wife and I keep. One day, when CF stands for “Cure Found”, we want to show our daughter the love and support she received during the difficult part of her life. Thank you for being apart of that and showing that you do not have to know a person to make a difference! God bless.

JC and SC