Grace called...


Good Morning!!

I just wanted to say thank you for blessing me in such a way today!! I am so grateful and appreciative to be a recipient of the kindness and generosity of your organization! Wow!!

Everyday I wake in prayer, thanking God for my blessings and pray that I will be open to receive whatever He has in store for me and with the phone call from Grace, it was a true blessing!

Maybe you all understand or possibly have no idea how this gift comes at a time in my life where I am working so hard to improve my financial position;, this is an absolute answer to my prayers!! The hardships I have endured over the past several years have been tremendous and while I strongly believe I have weathered the real estate storm, everyday I continue to overcome adversity!

I will be able to gift someone else in the near future and would love to know how is that accomplished?

Kindest regards and thank you from the depths of my heart,