Belated Thank You Texas!

This is a belated, but no less appreciated, heartfelt "thank you" for the generosity of the 12 (Extra)Ordinary Women in the Lake Travis, TX area who provided assistance in our time of need. I was fortunate enough to coach an amazing team of 4th grade girls ("The Ladies") this school year in their Destination Imagination (D.I.) journey. D.I. is a non-profit profit program guided by volunteers and devoted to helping students gain wide-ranging skills and practical life experiences as they explore a variety of mind-boggling challenges. The coolest part is that the team must produce all of their ideas independently. The Ladies worked incredibly hard all school year in order to develop and present a movie trailer as a live, theatrical performance depicting the interactions of characters from two nations. They were required to design a cinematic special effect, create an original soundtrack to complement the movie trailer, write their own script, and design and create their own props, scenery, and costumes. This was an amazing undertaking for a group of six 4th graders - and this was only part of their overall competition!

The team was awesome - they achieved 1st place at the Regional D.I. competition, allowing them to advance to the State competition where they achieved 3rd place and qualified to advance to D.I. Global Finals in Tennessee! With this success, The Ladies then had only a few weeks to raise over $5,000 in order to be able to attend the competition. This is where the HUGE THANK YOU comes in for 12 Ordinary Women, who donated to our team and helped us to make this opportunity happen for our girls. The girls had a fabulous trip where they achieved 15th place out of 57 international teams in their division!! They performed beautifully, learned valuable life lessons and formed many memories along the way. We truly appreciate the help of 12 Ordinary Women. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!