Evansville thank you!

I was sitting at my desk Friday afternoon getting ready to wrap things up the day when two women walked in and asked to see me. They began to explain the reason for their visit and I started to feel myself fighting back tears. I just could not believe that someone (who remains anonymous) had asked the organization, 12 Ordinary Women, to reach out to me. With smiling faces these women said we are here to offer you encouragement and support and to pray for you and your family. I cannot begin to express how deeply grateful I am for that visit which came at a time when I was feeling very discouraged, sad and anxious with situations in my life. The women presented me with a gift bag, gave me a hug and offered continued prayers for my family and me. To the anonymous person, the two beautiful women, and the 12 Ordinary Women organization I offer my sincere and heartfelt “thank you”.
Evansville, Indiana