Hope and blessing in Memphis

Well, what was I thinking when I thought today would be yet another ordinary day in the life of a struggling woman....... Little did I know that the God of the Universe would choose today to shine His face on me with an overwhelming reminder of His Love, Grace and caring touch that only He can personally provide. Lynn (she had to sign in at our front desk) His angel of choice for MY day came in with several small (in size) gifts for me.
I'm sure I'm not unlike others she has faced.... I sat stunned as she quietly told me who she was and why she was looking for me. Her message short, she wanted to be a blessing and encouragement to me and above all else she and OTHERS WOULD BE PRAYING FOR ME.
My husband has a rare blood disease. He lost his job. We have tried unemployment, food stamps, and we are now waiting for the verdict on disability. We were told his life expectancy was two to seven years....maybe more but maybe less. We are somewhere in the middle with lots of hard decisions to face. When I read the beginning of Sarah Young's book, I could see our lives meld with her experience. Had to stop and have another cry.
I'm afraid to look at what is in the other card but I can only imagine what I'll find.
You know, it's sort of like God and Moses. God knew how much of His Glory Moses could handle and I think I've seen enough. I will be wise to wait and share the envelope with my husband so he may partake of the riches you have bestowed on me/us today.
Thank you is not sufficient but then neither are we. None the less, thank you. And may you be blessed beyond measure.