A thank you from Matthews, NC

Just a few minutes ago, our family received a knock at the door and to my surprise, two extremely cheerful and smiling ladies asked me if I was Gary Henry. They explained that they had a "gift" for me, and handed me a greeting card. Before I could even view it's contents, they had already gone. Inside was a substantial amount of cash, which absolutely floored me & my wife.

What have I done to deserve this? Was I even worthy? I had just gotten home from a week-long stay at the hospital and knew that the incoming medical bills for all the blood tests, medications, EKGs, ultrasounds, MRIs, an endoscopy procedure, CAT scans, X-rays and emergency care were soon going to be rolling in, and I had prayed for good health and the ability to weather what lay ahead financially.... but I never dreamed that two special women would answer my prayers. God works in such mysterious ways!

I am speechless that such kindness still exists in the world today. I feel extremely BLESSED to have survived the medical problems which caused my ER visit, and though I still face an uncertain future with Stage 4 kidney failure, I will live each day to it's fullest knowing that there are still kind-hearted people in this world WHO CARE! A simple card would have sufficed in cheering me up, and I will most likely PAY THIS GIFT FORWARD to someone even more in need.

God Bless the 12OrdinaryWomen organization.GH