Thank you 12 EXTRAordinary women

On Wednesday I received a call from Grace advising she was with a group called 12 ordinary women and asked if she could stop by my office to drop off a gift. I was a little confused at first since I did not know Grace and had never heard of 12 ordinary women, but she briefly explained that she had been told my story of the struggles I had recently been having of my 5 year old daughter going through her 3rd open heart surgery the day after Christmas, all while dealing with just finding out my husband of 7 years had left me, while pregnant, for another woman, I had also suffered a miscarriage, and was blindsided by it all.
Although our stories were not exactly the same, Grace said she wanted to meet me and give me a hug because she had been through something similar. These days I welcome any and all hugs I can get, but I advised I was not at work on Wednesday because my daughter and I had been diagnosed with strep throat on Tuesday and we were both home on medication recovering for that. She planned to stop by my office on Thursday a little after lunch.
Grace called me on Thursday and I met her down stairs in the lobby of my building. She is such a beautiful lady! She introduced herself, gave me a hug, and we briefly talked about my daughter and what the future holds for her. She then handed me an envelope and said this was for me, and that the only stipulation is that I must use it on myself. I thanked her for coming by, gave her another hug and went back to work. At my desk, I opened the envelope to find a beautiful card, and shockingly $300 inside!!! I am still in a bit of shock. I still don't know much about 12 Ordinary Women, how they learned of me, and why I am the person they choose to bless.
What I do know, if that I am eternally thankful and want to express my gratitude to Grace and the 12 EXTRAordinary Women!!!
I promise, I will do something small for myself, but as I said before, I had missed 2 days of work this week due to my daughter and I having strep throat, and I wasn't sure what I was going to do about the missing pay because of that, and I believe God once again sent all of you into my life and just the perfect time. Once again, Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!