A Minnesota Thank You

My boss started my 8:00 am one-on-one meeting this morning differently than any other one prior. Before launching into our abundant tasks and to-dos, he stopped and asked, “Liz, are you ok? Really? ” My first business reply was “Sure, I’m fine” while I internally thought “It shows that much?!?”

I have been feeling quite discouraged these last few weeks.

And now 13 hours later with a mysterious story and a box of so many wonderful things unwrapped and sitting before us, my spirit and my families’ spirit(s) have been rejuvenated. Thank you. You are not ordinary women. You are earth angels.

Our little beleaguered family has been on a nine year journey of somewhat unending health care crisis after crisis; starting first with my son being diagnosed with a bone disintegrating disease (all gratefully under control now) to my husband battling disease and infection of the colon culminating with the removal of the organ over a year ago. His recovery has not been easy and it is no where yet complete. We thought this last month was going to be the conclusion to his suffering but instead, somehow, he has ended back at the beginning - battling disease and infection in the digestive tract.

We have faith. Truly we do. But this last twist of story has been extremely disheartening and discouraging. And amongst other strange and disturbing life events these last couple of weeks, one of my son’s best friends has been in a horrible accident and now sits in a coma in a hospital. While praying for restored faith and health, our hearts have been broken.

I didn’t know how to get the zip and zing back again and so I’ve been praying…”God, help. We need it. I don’t know how. I don’t know what. But my family’s spirits need to be uplifted and restored.”

And then our doorbell rang this morning! Nothing like a mysterious beautiful box being delivered by two mysterious beautiful women to peak our interest and distract us from our discouragement. We followed instructions and opened it all together tonight. It was so deliciously difficult to wait for the children to get home! We opened the box (and boxes and boxes) together, one-by-one and smiled more and more. From each beautifully wrapped box to each (beautifully chosen and written) verse to each gift you hit a familial “Bingo. WoW. And growing sense of awe.” Who? Why? How wonderful! How incredible!

We don’t know who you are (which is…I have to admit part of the fun… that will continue to give. We will forever be looking into everyone’s eyes “are you one?”) but you must know us because you ‘hit it out of the park’ on every single gift - giving us the gift of restored hope on so many different levels. Thank you for answering prayer so quickly and so perfectly. We are all sending each of you the biggest celestial hug possible. With gratitude and love, L S, Minnetonka, MN