Thank you in Nashville

I am so overwhelmed, I don't know what to say. I came home yesterday to find a gift bag on my porch. It contained personal toiletries, a box of Dingdongs, and a beautiful card with a large sum of money. I have never heard of your group and I have very few friends, so I have no idea how anyone knew of my situation. I recently lost my full-time job due to new technology. I'm all alone here in Nashville and have no one but myself to depend on. I have been job hunting, but haven't found anything yet. I never dreamed I would be in this situation at this time of my life. I'm 61 and have worked hard my whole life, but it's harder to find a job at my age. I'm confident I will find something, but it's very stressful trying to survive until I do. I have always tried to help other people, but I'm not used to anyone helping me. I would love to join your group and help with the things you do. Thank you so much for the joy I have in my heart today just knowing there are people in the world who do care. Marilyn