Thank you 12OW of Edina, MN

Thank you to 12 Ordinary Women in Edina MN for thinking of SFFC! It was such an unexpected surprise. I love when God does that within the body of Christ. He knows our needs so intimately and I am thankful that you listened to His still small voice, and that He led you back to the email that connected us.
This gives me great HOPE in our loving faithful Father, who keeps his covenant of love to a thousand generations.
Would you ask the 12 Ordinary Women to continue to pray for us? God is at work, and there is much resistance, and a lot of really messy situations. He knows and He is able. Isn't it amazing that he invites us to join him in his work through both prayer and action?

On a personal note, my life song is Ordinary People. Some of the words are:
"Just ordinary people, God uses ordinary people. He chooses people who are willing to do what he commands. God uses people who will give him all, no matter how small your all might seem to you - because little becomes much, as you place it in the Master's Hand.

Just like that little lad, who gave Jesus all he had, how the multitude was fed with the fish and the loaves of bread.
What you have may not seem much, but when you yield it to the touch of the Master's loving hand, then you will understand how your life could never be the same..."

So thankful for 12 Ordinary Women doing extraordinary things in Jesus name and for His glory!!
Bless you!