Thank you all the way from California to the 12 Ordinary women's group in Evansville, IN

When I opened my small surprise package today, I felt like I unwrapped a huge hug. As I read the card, I felt comforted and blessed in so many ways.
Mourning my boyfriend has been a roller coaster, and at times, a lonely process. This surprise package was definitely a fresh breath of air and an awakening experience. I felt understood as a woman who loves deep from within and I felt synchronized, one with the sender.
I read daily meditations to help with my process and today's entry reads:
"We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same." -Anne Frank.
It goes on to further explain how we all are part of this big orchestra that includes a conductor who reads the music and helps with direction and movement. Synchronization not only sounds right but feels right. A happiness that can be shared and felt by all those who participate. We all have to play our part but when combined as a whole, this wondrous gift can be felt by others on so many levels. Our combined prayers and strengths posses endless possibilities.
This has been such an inspirational gesture of love. I first learned about the group today and I am delighted that it exists! What a great way to reach out to others. I am truly honored.
I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I shall cherish what has been provided to me. I feel more synchronized with not just your group but with those loving souls that continue to provide me moral support. This inspires me to continue on working through the heavy moments in my life. Giving thanks along the way and giving back most importantly. Sharing the me that is living with the memory of my loved one.
In remembrance of Dan Clint Hayden Jr. May his family and loved ones continue to be blessed with the love that life has endlessly provided us with. May we never forget that his love continues to live on forever in us and through us. I dedicate this to his loving mother, Brenda Sue Bowley Egan, who has taught me courage and strengths that I continue to learn from every chance I can. From Indiana to California we keep the support and love alive.
My love to you all