You will never know the depth of my gratitude for your kindness

I do not know who you are or how you know my situation, but thank you from the bottom of my heart. A young lady about my age knocked on my door this afternoon and handed be a gift bag and said this is a gift from 12 ordinary women who want you to know you are loved and know what you have been going through these last couple of months. I accepted the gift bag and said thank you and away she went. I then looked in the bag and found a a very sweet note with no names, simply signed Love, 12 ordinary women. Inside the bag I found a Kindle fire and a $150 gift card for Target and an inspirational necklace that represents bamboo. I am so overcome with emotion that I have not been able to stop crying since. I immediately got on my computer and found this site. You will never know the depth of my gratitude for your kindness. This unexpected kindness came on a day when my physical and emotional pain are affecting me more than usual and I have not had the strength or energy to put on a brave face and go out into the world today. What you do makes a difference and you are a true blessing.