My thanks is extraordinarily inadequate

Dearest “Ordinary Women”, The words of appreciation and thanks that I have for you seem extraordinarily inadequate. However, I'd really love for you all to know how profound the impact your gift had on me. I have struggled for years with assurance of my salvation, mainly because I had a significant unconfessed sin that I had hidden deeply for 23 years. Although because of God's mercy and grace, I had repented and never repeated the sin, I was ashamed and didn't confess it until I was confronted 4 years ago. Since then, the LORD has been so sweet to remind me of His character and forgiveness in many ways but none so impactful as in the ways HE encouraged me this year. One of those ways, was your surprise note and gift I found in the “black hole” that is my purse. It came toward the end of May this year, just shortly after my husband and I gave away our first daughter in marriage and were still reeling from the significance of that and also finally “dealing with” the fact that the LORD had granted us another blessing in my womb, #11(at age 47 and in the middle of menopause 😉). He knew I would need encouragement and reminders of His love and faithfulness not only then but now too. We have had one medical “crisis” after another this summer and it seems as if that is going to continue for a while. Please know that your sweet words of encouragement and your commitment to pray for me have had a profound effect on me and has strengthened my faith in God and His provision. Although I still don't understand all He is leading us through, I am encouraged to acknowledge Him in all things, to trust Him because He is trustworthy, and to KNOW that He will direct our steps. I have kept your note close by and wear the beautiful “hope” necklace often! They are both sweet reminders of His love for me. The money that you included also made a big impact in our lives and again reminded us of God's provision and trustworthiness. Thank you for ministering to me and my family in such an extraordinary way. We truly have a God that is beyond compare. To Him be the glory!