Winter Garden, FL Thank You

I was overwhelmed with joy to realize that 12 ordinary woman, that I don’t know, faithfully prayed for several months for my healing. God works in amazing ways!

I eat healthy & exercise but cancer doesn’t discriminate; I was a victim of breast cancer. After healing from my double mastectomy, I was tossed into another turmoil. My husband of 35 years tragically passed away at age 58. I found myself alone facing another surgery and mounds of legal & medical paperwork.

My prayer warriors, who call themselves 12 ordinary woman, gave me a gift with a scripture verse, Isaiah 38:2… a miracle, my favorite verse I memorized to help me through my difficulties: “When you go through deep water & great trouble, I will be with you…” The Lord was with me for every numb step I took. "He will give you the daily manna…Exodus 16. Remember to always be walking with Him. He will provide just what you need…day by day. I’m on a difficult lonely journey and it comes with a lot of crying, scars & struggles. But never once did I walk alone. During my journey, as my faith & trust increases, I hope others will see God’s glory shine and wonder how can this be? Abundant joyful life!

I cannot fight my battle alone nor does God want me to. Thanks to all of my family, friends and (even people that I don't know) for praying for me! Thank you for your overwhelming love, prayers and support.