Bloomington, MN Thank you.

I want to thank the group of ladies(and especially the two who came to my home) that gifted me with an amazing arrangement. My family and I have been going through some difficulties and sometimes it feels like we aren't getting anywhere. When I received a basket full of school supplies, treats, cash, gift cards and many more, I was astonished. Only God can make something like that possible so a big thank you to the women in my area (Bloomington, MN) who decided to give and also unknowingly give me a reminder of the amazing God we have in Heaven. May God bless you and allow you also receive. There is no words for how you touched my family and I. I really couldn't believe it when I got the call! The work you do is humbling and inspires me to also give when I am able. Again, thank you so much and may God bless you 12 (extra)ordinary women.