11/11 Ann Marie York,PA

Our kids were out raking leaves when a husband and wife that we did not recognice pulled up. I was in my PJs, cleaning, and did not come to the door (so sorry!). We have been blessed with several amazing meals. Everything looks and smells sooo good! Our oldest daughter has been battling a yet undiagnosed illness for 10 mths, now. She has flare ups that come and go every 2-4 weeks and make her very sick. She has missed out on a lot over the last year. We have had a lot of drs. appointments, tests and ER visits. My husband also had 3 surgeries over the last year, as well. Our son is on the autism spectrum and raising him is trying (rewarding, but trying.) So, it's been a difficult year for us. To know that there are good people out there who genuinely care, love us and want to offer support and help means so much. Thank you to whoever did this for us. You are a blessing and I hope God blesses you one-hundred fold. I would love to get involved with your organization here in York, PA but I don't know who to contact! If you see this , please let me know :) Thank you and God bless you! Love, Ann Marie