11/15 Amber belated thank you

To the 12 Ordinary (or rather Extraordinary) Women that gave me a visit some time ago. 
Hello!  My name is Amber Sear and I am very late in thanking you women, this group, for paying me a visit quite awhile ago.  I think I know the gem of a woman that is behind your visiting, but she will not confess!  She’s as stubborn as I am, I think!  I am hoping you can share this thank you with all involved as it is so important to me that I share my gratefulness & know that it is being communicated. 

Ladies, thank you so much for your very generous & perfectly crafted care package.  I am overwhelmed by what was included in the gorgeous wooden box.  I am especially overwhelmed by your care & support & generosity of spirit.  It has lifted me up MANY TIMES in this somewhat challenging journey I am in.  The gift cards have fed my family & that takes such a weight & concern off my shoulders that you can not imagine. 

Again, thank you & May God shine upon your group.  Beyond words, I am just beyond words.