11/15 Amanda

2018 has been a very hard year for me. I’m 38 years old fighting Grade 3 Brain Cancer. Its a terminal illness and so far none of the existing treatment options work. After my diagnosis in 2015 I underwent two brain surgeries and hoped to be ok for a while. Unfortunately the cancer came back sooner than expected and this January I received 7.5 weeks of chemotherapy and Proton Beam Treatment at Orlando Health. A grueling process. From there things started spiraling even more…my long time boyfriend was hospitalized and put on 6 months disability for a heart condition, and by the time July rolled around we had 2 very dear family members pass away, one being my brother in law at 37 years old. Followed by a break up with my boyfriend in September and a move out of our home…this year hasn’t been easy.

Now I’m starting a whole new life, living on my own again, trying to stay consistent with my yoga practice & teaching classes, eating healthy and committed to a healthy lifestyle. All of these things take effort and are expensive. So this weekend I went to Kula Yoga where I teach and was so delighted to find a gift card to Amazon from 12 Ordinary Women. What a fun treat that brings a huge smile to my face! Sometimes we are not aware of all the challenges we face in our everyday life, so a kind gesture like this means more than you could possibly imagine. Thank you for the gift, it means so much to me. In good health, Amanda