11/4 Kim

It was a long and very busy October for our family. Every day was packed with plans. Every year in October we just always seem to skip right past our anniversary because it falls on a busy time of the year for us with all the events and things going on. Also every year around this time we get a new health insurance plan that always changes and goes up for us. It is a huge stress because our oldest son deals with so many insurance things due to a health condition. Kind of a depressing month for myself personally even though I love the Fall season. We tend to stay home to celebrate special occasions like our anniversary. But not this year. Right on the first Friday of October, a beautiful lady came to my door just as I was about to leave and blessed me with a big basket of goodies along with some gift cards. I was in shock and had no idea what I had done to receive such a gift basket full of many gift cards and things. So after a long day watching my youngest play in a soccer tournament and I had family with us, we all went out for pizza for our 16th wedding anniversary to a place we had never been before called Oregano’s. I am not sure who to thank. I also have so many more gift cards to use. I have something to look forward to now and focus on something besides what to pay for next. You ladies have no idea how much you blessed me. Your timing is amazing! First time in a long time I have felt free this time of the year. THANK YOU!