12/19 Thank you so much

I hope this is the right email to send a thank you. Wanted to thank you so, so much for your generosity. I was honestly shocked by the huge basket of thoughtful gifts and gift cards I was blessed with yesterday after being nominated by my amazing therapist. I'm the single mom of two special needs kids and I've been struggling with money, with loneliness, with exhaustion, and with feeling invisible for a long time. Your gift made me feel like I had someone on my side; like someone actually SAW me, and for a moment in my life, I felt completely loved by people who don't even know me; like I actually matter. Long after the gift cards are spent, the journals are written in, the lotions and lip balms are used, I will still have that gift to carry with me always; the gift of knowing there are people in this world who still care and still love their neighbors as themselves and want nothing in return.  I promise to pay it forward when I can and hopefully make another person feel like they are loved and that they matter too.

Blessings, Vanessa