12/20 Happy tears???

When I got home last night, my husband met me in the garage to share: "You are going to cry when you come inside". My first question was: "Happy tears or sad tears?" because we've had our fair share of both recently. "Happy", he said. When I walked in, he explained that two women - strangers to him - had personally delivered gifts for our family to our house a couple hours prior. He was right, I did cry. A beautiful card, a gift basket, a gift bag filled with toys for our toddler, and a beautiful miniature Christmas tree.

All the gifts appeared to be hand-selected for us. A huge surprise and much needed reminder that God is with us all the time. Christmastime will always be bittersweet for our family, as we relive our daughter's adverse prenatal diagnosis, birth, spending the holidays at the hospital three years ago, and, as we continue to juggle the unknowns about our daughter's prognosis. This holiday season (and the last couple of months) have been particularly stressful for us with some unexpected challenges and big transitions. Thank you "12 Ordinary Women" for your thoughtfulness and generosity!! We have a feeling you know us (and our little one) very well... Thank you for reminding us we are not alone in this journey!!!