Find joy in the journey!

Sometimes The LORD calms the storm, and sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child.” That is exactly what happened Sunday before last. Upon coming home after church, we found a bag attached to our front door which stated: “Find joy in the journey.” Its impact much like the message of the first quote quieted my spirit. Already excited by God speaking to me personally during the service at Grace Chapel, my heart surged with the love of Jesus to me during this difficult, anonymous season. Suddenly, I realized that He is always The God Who Sees, always making a way, always the promise keeper, always the light in the darkness, and miracle worker. Thank each of you for your dedication to make a difference. I am overwhelmed by the encouragement of this bag and the contents—deeply touched and moved. What a ministry to me. Thank you! Thank you! Your anonymity allows the goodness of The Lord to flow freely. I pray that God continues to bless this ministry and each of you. Blessed beyond all measure.