6/17 Warm Blessings at the Soup Kitchen

Today a man came into Warm Blessings Soup Kitchen and handed me an envelope with $300 cash in it. I automatically assumed it was for Warm Blessings, and with all that goes on there, I remembered that he said " This is for you and thank you for what you do". I am a Missionary and had a write-up in last Wednesday's News Enterprise re: my work in Thailand so I thought about it afterward. I've put it safely in Warm Blessings safe, but of it was meant for me, please let me know so I can apply it to that work. Otherwise I'll leave it where it is. Either way, "Thank you".

Part 2:

Good Afternoon,

First of all I want to apologize for the error in my misunderstanding of where the funds I was given that day were to go. Being that I was at Warm Blessings and that I actually had forgotten about the article in the paper, I just assumed that it was for Warm Blessings,since there was no name on the envelope and when the gentleman came in he hadn't called me by name, plus my focus was on an issue a Patron was having at that time. 

Having said all that, I again apologize for the mix-up, but THANK YOU SO MUCH, as this is timely and a great Blessing for getting me moving forward towards my goals for this particular Mission.

Many Blessings to all who are a part of this giving !!!